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These guidelines are meant to be helpful. They are not meant to encroach upon the discretion of an individual except to the extent that his methods are consistent with the Code of Ethics. Our function as instructors is to guide the student in our classes with the methods, techniques, and understanding to accomplish his goal.

It is understood that:

(1) Those approved for membership will retain a constant interest in self-improvement by keeping an open mind to new ideas.

(2) NADOI is a certifying organization. Its members may inform the public of their membership, but may not advertise themselves, their classes, or clinics as being “sponsored” by NADOI.

(3) Members are required to be willing to share knowledge and experience with other members and assist in the development of potential instructors.

(4) Members will endeavor to impart helpful information of the betterment of dog ownership.

(5) Members will support the goals of the Association in word and in action.

(6) Members are required to consider themselves as professionals in their fields and conduct themselves accordingly, with tact and with courtesy, in both speech and appearance.

(7) Members will bear in mind that the problem that brought the owner and his dog to them is of primary importance, and will direct their efforts to its solution using methods appropriate to each case.

(8) Members will make every effort to familiarize themselves with breed characteristics and trainability for the needs of the owner.

(9) Members should be willing to demonstrate with an owner’s dog. Members should also be willing to get help from others for those problems for which they have no immediate solution.

(10) Members will use and promote humane methods of training. Members should always consider the public image of obedience training, and remember that they are representative of the sport of obedience and the business of dog training and education of dog owners.

(11) Members will keep the desired goal in mind, which is a dog that enjoys the training, a willing worker, and is responsive and obedient to the owner.

Approved by the NADOI Board of Directors 2012



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