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New York Professional Trainer Licensing

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Dear Members and Supporters,

The National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, Inc. (NADOI) Board of Directors is aware of Bill S08219 -- a bill introduced by the New York State Senate on December 16, 2016 -- “to establish licensing and educational standards for individuals providing canine training for non-service and non-police dogs.”

The Board of Directors stands firm with our original mission from our founding in 1965 which is to certify dog obedience instructors of the highest caliber, to provide continuing education and learning resources to those instructors, and to promote humane, effective training methods and competent instruction.

Your Board feels that rather than costly or unfair legislation, the public would be better served by aggressively enacting or enforcing existing animal abuse/neglect legislation. The Board will be communicating with the bill’s sponsors and our membership during this process. If such legislation does become law, then your Board will continue involvement with the Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets to ensure to the best of our ability that any licensing and educational standards will enable our members to continue the use of a broad choice of methods and tools.

We will impress on the sponsors that in our many years of experience, it has been shown that dog obedience instructing is an art as much as science. The skilled instructor must be able to make judgments and adjustments based on the needs of each individual student/dog team. NADOI fully understands that the humaneness of equipment and training methods is dependent upon the skill and knowledge of individual trainers. Therefore, NADOI is strongly opposed to cruel or unnecessarily harsh training methods and persons using such methods should be addressed with existing animal abuse legislation.

Our comprehensive exam process to gain membership holds applicants to high standards and continues to hold members to high standards in business and training practices. We will share our process with the sponsors so they will have a clearer picture of the complexity in what is required for our field.

In the 50 years of certifying instructors, we have seen strong biases towards and against training methods and philosophies. We will work to make sure these biases are evident to the sponsors, and to the committee if this bill becomes law.

NADOI has worked with other groups to produce objective guidelines in the dog training and instructing field. We will continue to collaborate with others as this moves forward.



The National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors was founded in 1965 when a small group of highly experienced dog trainers gathered together and resolved to promote modern, humane training methods and at the same time elevate the standards of the dog obedience instructing profession. To accomplish these goals, it was decided that members of the organization should be designated as having attained certain skills and knowledge of dog training and obedience instructing. NADOI is not only the oldest group of its kind in the world, it is the only professional organization to require that all applicants demonstrate proficiency in their craft, as tested and measured by their peers, before membership is granted. NADOI members are found all across the USA and in many foreign countries.

OUR MISSION today remains unchanged: To certify dog obedience instructors of the highest caliber, to provide continuing education and learning resources to those instructors, and to continue to promote humane, effective training methods and competent instruction.


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